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I currently have a vacancy for a child aged from birth to school age on Wednesdays.

My name is Lorraine Smitham and this website is designed to tell you a little bit about me and my childminding service.

I live in Glossop with my Husband Mark & our son Andrew who is 7, Mark's an IT geek & Andrew is my part time assistant who specialises in testing out the toys, activities and resources.

I have been childminding since 2007 during which time I have had 2 Ofsted inspections, the 1st was good with elements of outstanding, then in Febuary 2011 I was judged to be Outstanding overall in all 17 areas putting me in the top 6 % of childcare in England!

Tunnels are hot work!
Tunnels are hot work!

I am registered for 3 under 5's. Caring for children and babies from birth to 12 years of age. In total I have 6 registered places for children under 8 years of age, though my son takes one of these places.

My registration certificate and Ofsted inspection report are available for parents to see, either in person or via access to the Ofsted website. I am also a member of the National Childminding Association and hold current NCMA liability insurance policies.

I have a good understanding of children, basing my teaching around them using their interests, learning styles and personalities to plan our days. I support and encouraging personal development with autonomy and creativity being top priorities, helping develop social interaction and understanding differences in others. I foster independence and creativity from a loving and caring base. Also supporting you, the parent in bringing up your child with my expertise and 15 years of childcare experience and training – a highlight of my job is the look of relief on parents faces when they discover that the “odd” thing their child is doing is not only completely normal but developmentally appropriate!

A real page turner!
A real page turner!

We all want the very best for our children, and as a small setting I am in a fantastic position to be able to offer a home from home environment, but with the advantages of a fully trained experienced nursery nurse, there is currently a trend towards intellectual education for young children, but children still need to play, move, get enough exercise and discover their own bodies. My aim is to support each child through their own development stretching them when needed and letting them lead where they want their learning to go (you'd be amazed how much a child can learn from a fascination with The Gruffalo, Fish, Buzz Lightyear with the right questioning and activities provided)

I offer plenty of space for moving around in my specially designed and purpose built 70 foot long garden, which was landscaped in 2010 (the before and after photos are remarkable!) We now have an all weather decked area, a flagged area which is perfect for chalking on, a grassed area for football, picnics and really messy activities and at the bottom a play house with kitchen, curtains and even bunting.

Mostly my job means I get to do the things I love like play in the garden, eat ice lollies in the sun, play in the snow, collect conkers, bake and so much more - all with little people who are discovering the world which adds to the magic.